Low Ball Offers

As a Realtor that works with both buyers and sellers on a regular basis, I see offers come in from time to time that are blatantly and intentionally too low.  Receiving, and sometimes submitting, low balls offers is part of the the job.  However, I very seldom, if ever, actually see one work.  In an … [Read more…]

Interest Rates Still Low

It’s no secret; interest rates have been historically low the past two years.  The rapid decline in the housing market caused interest rates to plummet in recent years.  With the real estate market recovering, it stands to reason that interest rates would climb steadily.  However, that is not the case.  Home buyers can still lock in … [Read more…]

Supply and Demand

Real Estate, like all other sales, follows the basic principle of supply and demand.  The fewer homes there are on the market, the more desirable each individual listing becomes.  As a result, days on market go down and prices go up.  Due to this, the market is slowly, but surely, shifting back to a seller’s … [Read more…]

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