Home Repairs That Matter

On listing appointments I am often asked what changes or repairs should be made to the home.  There is an endless number of items that could be done at a home, but most of them won’t make a big difference in the price of your home.  Of course, the more move in ready your home is, the more attractive it will be and the quicker it will sell, but a new coat of paint will not increase your value by a few thousand dollars. 

However, there are repairs that should be made.  I am basing these recommended repairs on what lenders will typically require to be done prior to financing a house.  First, if your heat or cooling does not work, fix it.  If your roof leaks, fix it or replace it.  If your electrical panel is outdated or damaged, fix it or have it checked out by an electrician.  If you have foundation issues, have them addressed by a qualified contractor. These are the kinds of big repairs that could definitely costs you a potential buyer.  

There are, of course, other repairs that could be important.  Every house is different, so talk to a Realtor about what repairs or changes you should make.

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