Is the Selling Season Over?

Many people choose not to list their home at times they perceive to be less active for home buying.  Once summer ends the thought for sellers seems to be that the “selling season” has come to an end.  This is definitely not true. 

True, less sales will occur during the latest months of the year than during spring and summer, but that does not mean no sales occur.  Real estate sales happen year round.  The factors that cause people to buy homes (deaths, births, job changes, marriages, divorces, any number of other factors) happen all of the time, so there are always buyers looking for their next home. 

There are a few reason why now is a great time to list your home.  First, you will have less competition.  While many sellers are waiting until the “busy” time of year, your house will stand out among a smaller group of potential options.  Secondly, the buyers out looking now are often very serious buyers and may be in a position where they have to buy, and don’t just want to buy.  Lastly, by listing now you can avoid being part of the wave of new listings in January.  With so much new inventory after the first of the year, your home may go unnoticed. 

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