Staging Your Home for Fall

As cooler weather approaches and and the season’s turn, staging and decor also changes.  Keeping your home show ready is important year round.  Here are a few tips to keep your home showing at it’s best this Fall.

First, keep your yard well maintained.  Cutting grass becomes less of a priority in the cooler months, but leaves quickly take the place of tall, fast growing grass.  Keep lawns raked and tidy.  Also, keep fresh needles or mulch in beds. 

Keep seasonal decor to a minimum.  People love to decorate for many fun occasions throughout the year, but if you are trying to sell your house, keep it simple and don’t go overboard.

Keep warm and inviting seasonal scents in your home.  This time of year pumpkin and cinnamon scents are widely popular and can be found in the form of candles, plug ins, or other scent dispersing items  Keep your house smelling as welcoming as it will look. 

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