Title Insurance

A common question that comes up at closing is, “What is title insurance and do I need it?”  If you are financing your home, your bank will likely require it.  If you are paying cash or if the bank does not require it, it is still advisable to get it.

Title insurance protects your investment in your home from claims against your ownership.  The best example here locally is when the Catawba Indian Nation reclaimed lands that rightfully belonged to them.  Homeowners with title insurance were reimbursed by their title insurance company.  Those without title insurance were out of luck.

For a one time fee of maybe $100- $200 it is definitely a wise investment to get a title insurance policy.  It is likely you will never need it, but if you do, you’ll sure be glad you got it.  For more information on title insurance or other aspects of real estate closings contact a Realtor.

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